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I have really sensitive skin – what products can I use?

To be clear, none of our products are independently tested or classed as hypoallergenic nor being sold as “allergy free”. To do this we would not be able to produce a synthetic free product, which has always been my aim. However, we have our ‘Unperfumed Sensitive’ range so we would recommend trying these first before trying the smellies…. but without all the usual nasties you may find you are good to use our fragranced ones!

Your products use essential oils – could I be allergic?
What is the difference between “Natural” and Organic?
Are your soaps PH balanced and why it matters?
Do you test your products on animalso, what your position?
What Is Your Return Policy and in what cases does it work?
Do You Have Any Promo Codes and how can I use them?
Do you have any soap bases without palm oil or the same alternatives ?
Do you have anything for scars and their healing?
What grade is your shea butter, its benefits and properties?
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